“We can’t solve problems using the same level of thinking that created them” Albert Einstein.

My goal for this proposal is to make Healthcare and Education free for everyone since part of our human right. This proposal summarize ways of making Healthcare and Education system actually free in the Global level and I believe we can. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the United State government spent 3.5 trillion dollars in Healthcare alone and yet over 29 million Americans were uninsured. Sometimes you have to be part of the 29 million to understand how it feels not to have insurance.

California Health Care Foundation Health Spending Distribution By Sponsor in 2017

Federal Government. 28%

Households. 28%

Private Company. 20%

State and Local government. 17%

Private Donation. 7

Total: 3.5 Trillion

According to the table above, we see that we pretty much pay for all the expenses including our health insurance through our taxes and the private sector pays 20% and that’s where the huge problem lies. This proposal will give us some insight on how to fix the private sector without jeopardizing it and the 30:5 theory is the solution.

The 30:5 theory suggest that every American will have free Education from Pre School through College, and also have free quality Healthcare no matter the condition. Secondly, the theory will remove every student loan debt and if you’ve already paid your loan, it will settle some of your credit debt. In addition, it can boost your credit rating as well as given all new born babies 50 dollars investment for their graduate school programs.However, if you decide not to pursue graduate school, the money could help boost your pension.

The idea is to enable parents to purchase an Education Policy for their children after college. This will help students gain sufficient funds to continue their education as well as creating a new educational policy for insurance companies. The only changes happening here is taking the Healthcare aspect from the Insurance Companies and replacing it with an Education Policy Insurance. This will also help the Insurance Company to compete for more people depending of prices.

We will build a house-like institutions for the homeless, people with mental health issues and our prisoners when they come out from the prison. This house-like institution will serve as educational training ground to help educate and assists them in their well-being, both physical and psychologically in an independent environment. Our Senior citizen population will also have the same assistance with quality care. Workers and Small Companies who will be affected during this process will be first to hired under the new Single Institute and small companies can joint together to work on similar product.

We going to fund this huge and brilliant idea by using the 30:5 theory by combining Education and Healthcare into one Single Entity that will administer this service to WE THE PEOPLE. We will have expertise and local councils to decide the things we will need for both healthcare and education to better and improve our wellbeing. Upon agreement to pursue this idea, there’s going to be two forms of payment. The first one-time payment is going to be 30% deduction of our monthly income and subsequently 5% every month. This will alleviate any payment from paystub except social security, taxes and the 5% monthly premium. This entity will provide all this care through the 5% our monthly premium.

The 30% is mostly an investment for profit to help subsidizes for care and education. Primarily, the 15% will go towards low affordable housing so that everyone will be able to find an affordable house or apartment. The profit generated will help pay for care. Another 10% will go into investment for more profit for unforeseen events, payoff student loans debt and new born investments. Meanwhile, the last 5% will go towards the developing countries so that they can all have free education and healthcare Globally.

Although, this can turn things around but nothing really changed. The government budget for both Education and Healthcare will still be implemented, however, more money will go into workers salary and increases infrastructure for schools, hospitals and research centers. There are many advantages this proposal contribute, and I have a detail section that further elaborates. The fundamental idea is to develop a concept that will help fix the system to work for everybody.

This system will create jobs that will give everyone at minimum, some kind of purpose to live for. We have to let CBO give us the figures with this plan and we can go from there. I still want people who believe in free healthcare and education for all to come together, let’s plan, put ideas together and change the world by making it better place for everyone irrespective of your age, gender or nationality . Let’s join hands and make history.

Let’s put our negativity and politics aside and take this proposal at heart, not for our sake but our grandchildren and the future generation. “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile. Einstein.”

The questions below is what CBO suggest a single payer should consists and this 30:5 theory help us to answer all those questions.


Design Components and Considerations for Establishing a Single-Payer System

This report focuses on the following key design components and considerations for policymakers interested in establishing a single-payer system:

How would the government administer a single-payer health plan?

Who would be eligible for the plan, and what benefits would it cover?

What cost sharing, if any, would the plan require?

What role, if any, would private insurance and other public programs have?

Which providers would be allowed to participate, and who would own the hospitals and employ the providers?

How would the single-payer system set provider payment rates and purchase prescription drugs?

How would the system be financed?


2019 Edition — Health Care Costs 101

Are we fighting for race and equality???

We been fighting throughout world history and though we’ve achieve some greatness, we still have a long way to go because this fight is a global crisis and I feel like the closer we get the more things keep getting more and more complex and then it shadows the actual problems we need to address and we spent more time and energy on it. Many movements has been created around the world and has help has understand a lot about race and equality than we ever thought before. Most of you will agree with me that we all support race and equality… yet still we have some things around us that demonstrate otherwise and we see past it and dwelt in the big issues but without preventing the small issues that generate that actual problems, we will keep fighting for generations over generations with no results but instead innocent people has to pay with their lives or another . I always say since our world was built on greed it has also reshape our environment and our lifestyle and changes to certain lifestyles is not easy to turn things around and some of these things have gain some kind of momentum at the back of our brain that it even supersede our humanity and some will do whatever it takes to get it and as humanity expands we have to find a way to live together by break all those barriers so we can move forward together as nation in learning to promote new ways and ideas to help and protect this wonderful earth for the future generations to come. It time for us to do away with the idea that humanity is our own threat in life, and instead we should focused on things we can actually achieve together. All these different movements we rally behind everyday and the public engagement shows we all fighting for the same goals and I really appreciate the work they’ve done to brought us where we are and is still surprising that things doesn’t seem any better and personally I think the better way to start race and equality war is our Educational Institutions.. if we all agree and want to end race and equality war .. we should first start from our educational institutions.. when we make our educational institutions which is typically a place where learning take place high than others, then what are we telling ourselves as individuals.. we have portrayed some schools and colleges better than others and most of us will do anything just to get to Ivy League schools but have we ask ourselves if we all want to go there ??? Probably not.. maybe some of us want to finish high school and go to community college or even a four year college if we could afford but with all this standardized test and examines with busy school schedules sometimes makes others student give up and some even don’t complete high school because in their mind no matter how they try they won’t go to the Ivy League school or the Oxford and what not and the society has placed all these labels on so even if you end up in community college and graduate there’s still this societal stereotypes that makes you feel like you’re not enough. Sometimes we forget that we are all different people with different economic backgrounds so our upbringing differ in so many different ways and places that we meet to play or study or worship.. there shouldn’t be labels because though we may come from less fortunate backgrounds which already alter our low self esteem, the only place probably we believe we’ll feel better is this place of association like schools but due to the societal labels it might have some huge impact on student and such a person dreams has cut short and so he decide to survive by trying to make a name of himself in whatever he’s doing and that’s when things get ugly then it’s start triggering certain issues that will drag us along like police shooting.. equal pay woman and then all this movements come into play but we forgetting that no one will go to Harvard or Oxfords to come to the job field and expect him to get equal pay with someone who went to university of central Arkansas.. Things don’t work that way and most of you will agree with me .. The best place I believe we should start in fixing this issues is our Educational Institution like universities and colleges where we’ve labeled them as part of our human goals and without them there’s no meaning to life.

Most crisis we face now are issues that we created and though back in centuries it was a good idea for the world at that time, things keeps changing and for us to move on to discover new and amazing things, we have to start dealing with this issues before we move on .. Is either we are in or out because life don’t work both ways.. we can’t finish high school without going through 1st grade.. we can’t dismantle confederate flags and statues and thinking we can do away with race war while the society has brainwashed us that Harvard is better than of University of Mississippi… and the most painful of all is we all do the same General Education .. I guess what am trying to say is things are different now and it keeps changing and few of us can’t solve this issues but instead we have to come together as one people to fight this issues because we know better and we love each other and we work so hard to do the right thing .. I believe we can do this


Please I just want us to analyze the the world we are living in and the things around us carefully before we actually set some path because not all path are good for humanity.. please share your thoughts and ideas we can help improve this crisis not my grammatical errors.. thank you